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Organoleptic evaluation is the detection and description of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of olive oil in aroma and taste, using human senses and its classification according to its characteristics. The CEF Regulation explicitly specifies that for the final classification of an extra virgin olive oil, in addition to the chemical analysis to determine the hidden properties (and acidity, peroxides, peroxides, K 232, K 270).  Organoleptic analysis is also necessary, because this procedure reveals the sensory properties of olive oil, thus shielding the quality and protecting the consumer.

Organoleptic Evaluation I PURE I Olive'Secret
Organoleptic Evaluation I PURE I Olive'Secret

The history of the olive is indissolubly linked to the life of the Mediterranean people. The first cultivation of olive trees in the world took place in Greece and specifically in Crete. This is also evidenced by archaeological data as well as historical sources. Images were found in the Palace of Knossos, at the beginning of the century, confirm that the people of that era cultivated the olive tree. Except the Knossos also in a village, Archanes, there were also vases in which olives were placed. While the most impressive finding, was the cup of edible olives found in the Palace of Zakros, and they still retained their flesh over 3,500 years. As well as a part of a rustic olive oil mill in Phaistos, which they used to produce olive oil.


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During the harvest of the fruit, the month of November, before the fruit has fully matured, we collect them by hand so as not to injure the wrist and alter its taste. With this process, we avoid the rancidity of olive oil. The early harvest but also the low temperature < extraction cold pressed > of olive is produced only by physical and mechanical processes under 18°C and less than 3 hours. We produce a product of very low acidity with perfect aroma and taste in order to reach you with all its nutritious and beneficial ingredients unalterable. High concentration in vitamin E, chlorophyll, and phenolic substances.