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The company Olive 'Secret was founded in1999 in order to offer a fine quality olive oil to consumers. The Kandemilis family ally with years of experience in the field of natural and organic food products and cosmetics based on olive oil, as evidenced by the very successful route of the company Olive Secret since 1999,which has created a range of Greek products, made with respect , combined with aesthetics and gastronomic importance that attach importance to the products.

In particular, special attention is given to the variety and quality of the olives. Harvest and generally at all the stages of processing the fruit of the olive, so to emerge, each time, the unique flavor. Also, the unique aromatic notes of the Koroneiki variety are obtained, thanks to the ideal in limestone and dry soil.

In the specially equipped facilities of Olea Secret company, the best Greek products are selected after tasting, offering the best quality product to meet the high expectations of consumers and to experience this unforgettable taste experience.

Having as company’s core the production of gourmet products, in order to promote Greek gastronomy, in Greece and abroad, the production of olive oil, olives, spices and herbs of Olea Secret, make up a mixture of delicious cresendos that can satisfy even the most demanding palate.

The purpose of Olea Secret is to promote choices of true ingredients with perfect flavor.

Enjoy the trip with us ... The journey of a delicious experience.