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The Pure Olive Oil, officially recognized as a product of “Protected Designation of Origin” (P.D.O.), which comes from Koroneiki olive variety that are dated 5.000 years ago. The Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil sails from a mythical region, the island of Crete, and specifically is produced in a mountain village, Sitia, from certified olive groves and olive oil factories. Being dedicated to the proper implementation and eco-friendly method of production, we guarantee that the Olive Oil is produced by organic specification and of ultra-low acidity (0.3%), while preserving the highest possible amount of natural antioxidants. Unharmed by any kind of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or irrigation systems and that’s why our Olive Oil is Extra Virgin. It is also rich in Vitamin E, chlorophyll and phenolic acids with a well-rounded fruity aroma from freshly harvested green olives, with a hint of bitterness. The Pure Olive Oil is one of the most top-ranked products in classification category of the world.




In Greece, the Koroneiki variety is considered as ‘the queen of olives’ and is recognized globally as one of the preferred varieties for olive oil production.  The olive tree of this variety has grown there for more than 3,000 years. While the olives themselves are very small, they contain very high levels of poly-phenols, the natural antioxidants found in plants that may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.  Poly-phenols and other antioxidants found in olives can protect the human body against free radical damage. Olive oil, which has been a staple in Mediterranean diets for thousands of years, contains a wide variety of valuable antioxidants that are not found in other oils. Since ancient times, it was also known that all oils have not the same potency for the protection of health. The reason is the substance oleocanthal which has strong anti-inflammatory activity comparable with that which found in medicines and also is the one who causes a «burning» in the throat when swallowing. This substance shows to the experienced growers of olive oil that the oil is good, as well as the oleacein, which is the most powerful antioxidant in olive oil. Characteristics of this olive oil are the fruity aroma moderate to intense, richness in flavor, orange color and long lasting aftertaste. Moderate to intense sensation of bitter and spicy hat gives anoverall wonderful harmony. Without great complexity of other fragrances, often presents aromas of fruits and flowers. 



Extra Virgin Olive Oil is mono-varietal and  produced from Koroneiki olives.  Greek olive oil from the Koroneiki olive variety is found throughout Greece but specifically the systematic cultivation of olive trees seems it had begun in Crete in Neolithic times. In the area of Sitia, at the east edge of Crete island, the bonds with olive tree cultivation are very deep, indeed. The special microclimate of the region with extended sunshine, as well as the rich ground and the abundance of high quality water have made Sitia olive oil very famous and the people of this region is proud to produce one of the best olive oils in the world with continuous awards and distinctions worldwide. 


In order to understand the richness of the Cretan flora it is sufficient to consider that Crete has 1,750 subspecies of plants and the percentage of endemic species that grow in Crete naturally and nowhere else in the world. This figure is about 160 species and subspecies 9% of flora’s species, which are unique in the world. The herbs affect directly the olive tree because they shape the characteristics (acidity, body, flavor, and aroma) that compose the flavor profile of our olive oil.

Certifications for PURE Olive Oil
PURE Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oli & P.D.O. Sitia